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#121556 - Hey, Timmy, the big boned stud called from across the dressing room, I need and extra towel over here!!! Uh, right away, sir, he replied while rushing over to him with his hand extended holding a fresh towel, is there anything else I can do for you!?! I dunno, Timmy, he said while grinning at his locker mate, Kelly, is there anything else he can do for me!?! Wellllllll, Kelly replied with a smirk, maybe, and I'm saying just maybe, he could give your dick a little suckin', whataya think, hon?!? Mmmmm, Brian replied, do you really think so, he's so young, do you think he's up to it, I mean I wouldn't wanna hurt him!?! Why don't you ask him, Kelly rejoined quickly, he seems old enough to me, come on, Timmy, how old are you anyway!?! With his face turning a fire engine red he replied softly, I'm eighteen, sir, and I'd love to suck Mr. .

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