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#223865 - She waited 5 minutes and then replied IvoryGurlM: Ok Sir I have on what you asked Dominatus: This is the second time you have lied to me Megan, once more and I’m gone from your life for good, now get your ass up to your room and change as I’ve told you! Megan sat for a second, wondering how he knew she hadn’t done as he asked, then she decided she would go change and see what he had in mind next, there could be no harm in it. It wasn’t your fault, perhaps you better give me your msn address and we can chat on messenger, that way I wont lose you again Being so pleased that she hasn’t missed out on what else was going to be said by Dominatus Megan didn’t even think before she quickly typed out her personal msn address rather than the one she usually gave out to guys on the chat site. She went onto explain how she had been wanting to wait till she was ready but after a heavy make our session where they had both be kissing and touching her bf had pulled out his cock and told

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Very hot beautiful 3way as ever and absolutely love the pov going on next time maybe you both could use a wand on him fab thx