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#156276 - Slowly the dog slips off the other woman and sits licking the woman’s juices off its balls and shaft, with a grunt it rises and walks from the room through the still open door, both women lay on the floor crying when suddenly the world shifts again and both pass out through the dizziness, waking together the woman look at the other face seeing the horror of what they have shared mirrored in each other’s eyes, moving together they hold each other as they shake violently until they’re able to move. Closing her eyes again Anna can see everything, the woman standing over her teasing and pulling on her own breasts and nipples as Anna eats her pussy, one man watching all this as he strokes his cock harder and harder, pointing it at Anna’s naked breasts, the other man moving between Anna’s still spread legs his already hard cock standing straight up. ‘What do you mean?’ Anna asks, the woman looks round to make sure they’re not overheard, ‘the book won’t let you do it, it has to be t

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