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#243879 - The film had reached one of those scenes where you wish that you weren’t actually watching with your parents and when suddenly my sister nudged me and looked over at the other sofa, I realised that my parents had forgotten that they weren’t exactly alone in the room because my father’s hand had started to stray up from my mother’s ankles. However, with that grin passing between K and K I had the distinct impression that things were about to move up a gear. Strictly speaking she was telling the truth but when she unzipped and eased her bottom off the sofa so she could pull the denim down a little, all I could see was a skimpy piece of pink lace which would have hardly covered her pubic hair…… if she’d had any! My cousin certainly made up for this lack of ‘short and curlies’.

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Gagaga girl
So damn hot like if you agree
Rise kujikawa
Shes a dream
Shion uzuki
Can u jump on mine next then please