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#119332 - Steve hugged her and kissed her, she felt his hard cock against her body again, turned him on his back, ran her tongue over his mouth, kissed his neck, nibbled on it, went down to his nipples, nibbled on them, felt how his cock touched her body, she ran her tongue down his body, till she reached his cock, she ran it around the tip of his cock, tasted his precum, he moaned, her pussy got wet again, she wrapped her lips around his cock, let it slide in her mouth, sucked on it, put it in deep in her mouth, she almost gagged, he moaned again, she moved her head slowly up and down on his cock, he moaned again. She opened the door to her apartment, everything was quiet, no light, Steve was on a business trip and she did not expect him to be home for another 2 days. She went in the bedroom dropped the towel and laid naked in bed, she always sleeps naked.

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