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#326523 - A couple hours later I'm watching overhauling and I hear foot steps and my name being called  Jim  yeah Julie did you talk to your parents and can you get me an ice pack baby  (while sitting on the couch and changed into one of my big shirts) yes I did and sure (handing her an ice pack and towel) and what did they say  they said absolutely they had no problem with it thank you baby this means so much don't thank me thank them I will hey I told k and zoey that your living with us now they asked why I told them it has to be ok with you for me to tell them it's ok with me I wanna teach them correct way to hande things  ok I told them I'd pick them up early from school today I lifted the ice pack off of her face to check the point of impact  it was a bit swollen but she had a little bruising just a little noticeable skin discoloration but all in all  ok I removed the ice pack and planted a soft kiss as soon as I did this

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