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#339014 - As I looked, a small bead of sweat travelled down her neck then between her breasts, I thought to myself how I wanted to be that drop of sweat rolling across her silky smooth flesh. I don’t know how I lasted this long but thank the gods I had, Lucy screamed in ecstasy as another orgasm racked her body, by now I stopped caring who heard us, her pussy spasmed around my cock and that was the final straw, my balls tightened and I spurted cum deep into her pre-teen womb, I took one breast in her mouth to stop myself from screaming out, it was the strongest orgasm I had ever felt and it just kept coming. She reached down between us searching for my pulsing member, her tiny hands grasped the tip with her thumb gently rubbing the head, and even through the sheet it still felt great.

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Matilda ajan
She got an amazing body and that ass
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Just okay