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#276523 - But she wasn’t waking up and so far I could shove 2 fingers into her so why not try some Licking? So I just moved forward into her crotch and when my tongue touched her pussy lips all wet and sweet it was like the first candy I ever had or Ice cream It was so good I started licking very lightly and mom was moaning as I pressed my tongue harder into her I was felling a bump on her pussy while licking and she would move a lot when I licked that bump so I started sucking on it and she was really moaning and started heaving her hips a little towards my face It was everything I was hoping and more, now I am making my Mom moan In pleasure and she didn’t even know it was me, shit I thought, I better turn off some lights or she may wake up and see me so I jumped off the bed ,I turned off all but the bathroom light and went back on the bed between moms legs but now both her legs were up and spread wide open ,and she was kind of rubbing her pussy as if she was doing what I was and liking what I

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Do any one know the black woman name please