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#121186 - Our guttural cries drifted away on the waves as our carnal demands were met. Feasting upon them, licking your musky sweet taste from them, ravenously sucking on each one, the warm scent of your lust so thick as I indulged myself, spreading you wide, my tongue sought out and flickered down and around your ass, your cock so very hard for me as I stroked it, my grip growing tighter as the need to satisfy my burning lust grew ever stronger. With a wicked smile on my face, I did nothing more than tease you as my finger lightly circled the tip of your all ready moistened cock, your balls so tight, the craving to taste them, to feel the fullness of them in my mouth this I had to have.

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Mika jougasaki
Diese komenatre sind legend r
I was excited to see the outfit and then heard your voice omg that mhmm