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#257611 - More has to go inside! She pulls down the shoulders of the gown to her elbows, the soft white collar flops forward and dangles below her breasts, hanging from wet illusion, and the whole gown is sagging now, slipping from where she wants it – she has to try this again. Her arms ooze over the butterscotch at her sides, sliding the whole dress around as she digs and pulls, then parts from the vile job (with sticky sounds) and she arranges the gown on her a little more comfortably. ” Max wasn’t listening, and Tiffany just miserably looks at the director jerk, then the floor (for anything more to use in the panties) but it’s surprising how little actual “mush” is left – her “gut” mostly looks the same, the bra is pretty much pushing out the dress the same, but there’s just no more gunk left.

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