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#338310 - She told me to get her toys out of the cabinet next to the bed, the things she had bought were back there, I asked her if they had used them on her when they gang banged her, she said they had. I asked her how she had kept going for so long, she said that Donni had given her something several times, which made her feel full of energy, I asked her what it was, but she didn’t know, I also asked if she would like to be gangbanged again, she said of course, she said that she had meant to tell me yesterday, but she had forgotten to because she was so excited about going out, she had had several phone calls about her advert, she said after we had finished we would decide what to do, this really excited me. I told her that she had to go out and find guys to bring back.

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Mercelida ygvar
He still had balls here
Outstanding in a sick and funny way
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Jetzt einen runterholen gar kein bock