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#214383 - When they were ready to stand they both got dressed without speaking to each other, “Is there a reason we aren’t talking?” China asked wiping a cum from herself and licking her fingers, “I just cheated on Valkyrie” Fletcher felt awful now it was over what would she say, “Ahh now your morals kick in” China mocked lightly “don’t tell her” “But I have to” Fletcher began. He laughed and thanked ghastly again when Skulduggery and Ravel walked over. “Wow” was all he could say, She looked at him raising an eyebrow, “well aren’t you going to return the favour?” she asked and Fletcher hurried to his feet almost tripping on his jeans he straightened up and China guided him to her room, the walls were a light blue mixed with streaks of gold and crimson, the bed was massive against the back wall and an oak desk and some bookshelves were against the wall on the right.

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