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#265125 - Bravo, slut, bravo, Krista jeered, clapping as she said it, you two ought to be in X- rated videos, while pointing to a video camera that was recording everything that had happened so far!!! Okay Krista, that's enough of this, exclaimed a very upset Ben, you got what you wanted, now get out! Krista laughed a sinister evil laugh and retorted, Oh, but Benny, I haven't got near what I want, not yet anyway! Now turning her attention once again to Sarah, she said, Let's see what the little slut can do to satisfy a woman, wouldn't you like to see that, Benny, your little darling wife sucking my cunt, so get over here you little bitch, get over here or I'll make you a fucking widow! Sarah wasted no time in scrambling off the bed and making her way over to her captor as Krist extolled, That's a very good little cunt, I must say Benny, she is very obedient! By now Krista had removed her pants and underwear, and was sitting in the chair, naked from

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