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#392730 - What a joke, Dean yelled derisively at the screen, if he was tryin' he'd kick her fucking ass!!! Oh really, Mr. Smarty Pants, Shelby snapped, I'll bet she could whip your wimpy ass any day of the week!!! Give me a break, Shel, he replied while rolling his eyes, I don't care how bulked up she is, no female wrestling freak could beat me up!!! Shelby and Dean had been going together for about six months now, and while she was a workoutaholic, he was much more the couch potato of the two, so watching pro wrestling on television was about as much exercize as he normally got, but he was convinced that he could whip any woman in a wrestling match and nothing Shelby said could change his mind!!! While Shelby normally didn't let much get under her skin, Dean's constant needling her about the lack of prowess of the female of the species was starting to nag at her, and in a fit of anger she spat, I'll bet I could pin your butt, big mouth, the heavi

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