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#51568 - “ oh yess baby your going to have your first cum “whats cum?” she asks “You will see baby” I promised About another 30 seconds and we both came, at the same time, I was really surprised to see her cum, since she is only 8. I went and knocked on the door “Angie, mom asked me to help you bathe yourself” I said over the noise of the water “Ok” she said “come in now” So I slowly open the door to the bathroom and see her playing with her dolls in the bathtub, naked, so I walked over to her and got my hands all soapy. “angie, you should spread your legs so I can wash your private area, it gets really dirty in the day, so I have to wash it” I said happily Without saying anything, she spreads her legs so I can start “cleaning” her pussy.

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