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#357861 - If you want to know more of what happened over the next few week please leave a comment and I will post them I have loads written down which i tend to do after each weekend spent with Kate. We headed out the pub I suggested we walk through the fields on our way home Dave agreed after a couple of hundred yards we was in the lane leading to the fields I looked around the was no one around I thought I would try my luck and test Kate Dave had no idea what I had planned I told Kate to stop and she did I stood in front of her and lift her skirt up to reveal her stocking and knickers I grabbed her knickers and said “you wont be needing these” and slid them down her legs she stepped out of them and I gave the to Dave to stick in he pocket. Once we hit the fields I stopped Kate and removed her skirt,top and bra now all she had on was stockings heel and a dogs collar and lead.

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