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#270439 - Over the next few days Ted spent most of his time eyeing Jenna thinking of Jessica on the spit and wondering how Jenna would look rotating on her own and how it would feel to fuck his own daughter just before she was impaled and cooked for his dinner, Ted was haveing one of these vivid fantasies about his lovely daughter as he was passing the bathroom and noticed it was cracked open slightly and Jenna was inside drying off from her shower, Ted looked in and was treated to a view of his daughters perfect breasts and shaved pussy as he watched she began to masturbate herself in front of the bathroom mirror with her own fantasies of a spit ripping its way thought her body, seeing this was too much for Ted and his throbbing cock that he had to drop his pants and start jerking off while spying on her. Of course I can do that for you Steve replied as he started to feel her up, squeezing her pert breasts in his left hand and letting his right hand sink between her legs to feel her bare

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