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#331120 - Wow!! that made me jump as he really stretched my vagina walls, surprisingly it did not hurt though and I soon realised what a wonderful new feeling he was treating me to, wondering how my small hole had managed to take them so easily and as waves of pleasure swept over me I climaxed without him hardly touching my clitoris. Before I could protest uncle joined in and had my dress off in a flash so that I was naked with two uncles for the first time so now three men had seen me like this. I stood open mouthed and rooted to the spot, glancing from uncle to the man and then the pictures hearing the man say that I hardly looked any older now than I did then, uncle happily agreeing as he came to me and took my coat off.

Read Tgirl オカモト先生プレゼンツ - Original Gay Straight オカモト先生プレゼンツ

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