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#213810 - Well, you define the thing very well, Président, but what was the delicate object that could have produced such a vibration in your animal spirits? I was very energetically sucking Adonis' prick, his mouth, and his asshole, for I was cast down with despair at not being able to do more to my couch companion; all the while I made the best of my hard situation, Antinoüs, seconded by your dear daughter Julie, labored, each in his own way, to evacuate the liquor whose eventual outpouring occasioned the musical sounds which, you say, struck your ears. When one went to look from the window, he was gone; there was an obscure little door below (he had a key to it), and he'd disappear through it at once. No, your Grace, not at all, Curval declared; deign but to observe my career, my motions today, and but do me the honor of judging my style and vehemence in sport, and you shall see me conduct myself quite as ever, and assuredly as well as you yourself.

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