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#350881 - Mmmmmm, he hummed, madame's pussy is in need of some special attention! Holding her dress in the air with her legs spread and getting her pussy fingered by this strange black man was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to her, and almost involuntarily Lou had a hard climax right then and there! Philip merely smiled at the shaking woman as he slowly began unbuckling his belt. A shiver ran through her body, and when he ordered her to lift dress and expose herself to him, she unhesitatingly obeyed him! She was nude under her outer clothing, and her pouty vaginal lips glistened with moisture through her thin blonde patch of pubic hair, and automatically his hand moved from her breast to her pussy, where an index finger slipped easily into her sopping wet cunt. Polk, and come over to me! With a shaky hand Lou shut the door and stood before the towering black man while thinking, What on earth was she doing here!?! His gentle face had become more stern, and he reached o

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