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#221993 - he did surprise me a little when he said what the heck a lot of women goes topless these days, I then asked him what he would do if I went topless, he again shook me when he said he wouldn't mind and anyway Peter might like to see what I had anyway. Peter placed me on my bed and then quickly took off his remaining clothes, I noticed how hard and erect he was, in no time he was laying there beside me, kissing me and caressing my breast, licking and nibbling the nipples. Peter slowly raised his body up and taking his cock he rubbed it along my opening then slid deep in me with one huge lunge, then with nice circular movements he was riding in and out of me, I took up the motion with him and we fucked long and hard, I can remember wrapping my legs tight around him and screaming out yes, yes, yes, and I felt Peter slam right in me, I left him jerking and muttering something like arg.

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Rock howard
Wait this isn t clash of clans
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That alarm tho