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#205510 - Just then a taxi pulled up so we all piled in and headed to Kirsty's house to drop her off then back to his for 'coffee' lol. K's and he wouldn't take any money off me. Kirsty as usual was chatting up anyone who gave her the time of day and i was checking out the bouncers because they are literally the only ones in town over 30! I was feeling pretty pissed by this time so we went down to Stereo and after 10 mins of waiting to get served 'cos it was packed we got our drinks and went to sit outside and made a beeline for two lads sat on their own in a corner, i went straight up to one of them and sat in his lap, the shock on his face was funny but if you're not forward you don't get anything do you?, and Kirsty sat next to the other one.

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Ako shirabe
Love u sexy mumma muhaaaaa
You should do some foot fetish stuff like a foot job i feel like people would enjoy it