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#344947 - My family life settled back into a relaxed and comfortable existence. The next day I was up the ladder when Louise came asking if I could mend her puncture, with this done she said her saddle was a little low for her and could I raise it, she stood to show me, I had her move back, loosening the nut I lifted it a little, she tried it, it was a little high, I said to step back so I could adjust it, she just smiled and told me I could tell better if she stayed as she was, this was standing over the saddle, I looked at the saddle and then into her eyes, she just shrugged her shoulders, slipping my hand under her, to the saddle, she giggled, then sat down, “Oh silly me, look what I’ve done” the warmth of her pussy on the back of my hand went straight to my cock. I had a letter from her three months later saying she was pregnant, she didn't come right out saying the child was mine, but it was a good chance it was.

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Emiri kimidori
Thank you it was fun jerking off with you sexy and yummy
Koteczku nie rob sobie pauszkie ja ci fiuta w oze w cipke