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#140321 - Trying to think nothing more of it you quickly put a gown on not bothering to dry as you know the sauna will get you perspiring again quickly, feeling a little frustrated after being interrupted in the shower you walk to the sauna, slipping inside you turn the dial up making more steam to hide your nakedness as you slip the gown off and drop it on the first seat nearest the door. Lying still you try to listen over your pounding heart when you see a movement in the steam, first one and then the other woman come into view, each stops staring at you exposed for them to see. Almost drifting off to sleep you’re again disturbed when you hear the door open and someone enter, laying still and quiet you worry about being caught naked especially if it’s a man, you wouldn’t be able to hide.

Read Round Ass 【うちのこ】アヤコさんに洗脳機械【プレイルーム】 Naughty 【うちのこ】アヤコさんに洗脳機械【プレイルーム】

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