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#275014 - I told Jeremy l had better be going and went into my bedroom where he took the wig off and cleaned my makeup, l dressed and arranged to come back Thursday afternoon. He gripped my hips tight l knew what was coming as my master shouted ‘lm going to fill your pussy with my seed’ and gave a hard thrust into me, held me on his cock, his floodgates opened and l began to feel Jeremy’s hot sticky spunk filling me straight from his urethral, l bit my lips to stop myself from screaming, Jeremy wasn’t the only one to shoot his spunk because l heard Jake groaning and not wanting to stain the carpet, shot his load onto the dresser and there was quite a puddle of spunk. Thursday came and l went to Jeremy’s, he showed me to my room where the clothes he wanted me to wear were laid out, he told me lm going blonde and my training started today also there were two errands l had to do.

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