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#197271 - Several hours later Jessica's former father soon to be tenderizer came home, entering the kitchen he could see all the prep work being done, What’s gong on here?, you going to cook up a meat-girl? he asked as he moved close to his wife, Yes we have a meat-girl to roast for a barbeque Jessica and I planned for tomorrow she replied as her husband looked around the room, Ohh where is that daughter of mine? he asked, She will be out in a few minutes and then all will be explained his wife replied, Why don’t you go out to the shed and get the spit cleaned up and ready for tomorrow, when you come back you can meet the meat-girl and start her tenderizing she said pushing him out the back door toward the shed. Girl-mean butcher shops like Hill's Fine Meats were popping up all over the city over the last few years since, but Hill's always had to he best, everyone wanted a Hill's branded meat-girl for their barbecue’s, this thought him Jessica as she arrived at

Read Shy [Homare] [Chinese] [無邪気漢化組] Deepthroat [Homare] [Chinese] [無邪気漢化組]

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