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#275501 - Amy’s shaking caused the 1st boys cock to buck and twitch and she felt him fill her mouth with cum, she quickly swallowed working harder on his cock as her own orgasm grew more violent. Amy had never expected to be in the situation she was in now, at 17, Amy looked more like a 21 year old, her figure was slim though she was only 5’7 inches tall, long brown hair reached to a small pert bottom, while deep brown eyes gave her a thoughtful expression, to complete the image her large 40D breasts seemed to lead the way everywhere she went. Amy’s large breasts almost flowing over the top made her nipples rest on the edge of each cup, slipping the panties on she was shocked to find they were crotchless! ‘My mother’s a hypocritical slut’ she thought to herself.

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Tsumugi takanashi
What a juicy ass