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#209312 - As I looked to my right I saw Kim, she had another dog, a German Shepard fucking the arse off her, this caused me to orgasm yet again, as my dog pushed in further still, I knew it wouldn't be long now, his cock and knot swelling up bigger still signalling his balls would soon flood my arse with cum, and I was right, gallons flowed deep inside me, filling my stomarch, sending me into one long huge anal orgasm, oh I just love having dogs fuck me. Stef had slipped under me and was sucking my cock, a guy was fucking her arse too, then all my body shuddered, as he rammed his knot home, my butt forced open to accept him, then just as quick, another huge anal orgasm shoot though me body. The german shepard was laying down, so I licked his cock, getting him hard once more, I moved him to the bench, I wanted to feel that huge knot in me, at first he was a bit slow, but the more he licked my butt, he started to hump my leg, so with a guy helping him, he soon found my hole, his cock pu

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