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#102790 - ?, my head still in a fog she squeezed again, not wafting for an answer she said again- O. Until even my will is broken, I must have her!!!! the dry-humping and the desire break me and I stop, she looks at me puzzled but I don't say a word, I just pick her up and start to march to the bedroom put her on the bed and say to her in a tone of a drill sergeant honey I'm gonna strip and you should too because when I'm done I'm coming for you and I am not living one stitch of clothing on you when I'm done, got it? she just started to strip. I slowly climbed on the bed kissing her tummy, her breasts her neck, until I was face to face with her and just like she did I wiped my lips and kissed her.

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Gundo mirei
Now this is how to package a cute lil fuck doll