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#1809 - Reaching out Willow plucked them from the girl's fingers and as she lowered her hands once more she couldn’t help but graze her fingertips across Louise’s balls, just so desperate to feel them in her hands. “Oh my god Stacy that's so fucking good, you’re such a good cock sucker…” Willow moaned, smirking as her mother clenched her teeth together to suppress her own noises of pleasure, “Do you like that Stacy? Do you like sucking my thick white cock?” “Mmmfh,” Stacy murmured around the cock, gasping softly as she let it pop free from her mouth, “Uh, y-yeah Willow, your cock is so fucking big,” she leaned down, once more letting her lips and tongue caress and worship the soft skin of her heavy silky sack, “I could suck your cock all night. Willow grinned as she admired Stacy, a slender girl with small, b-cup breasts, a little airheaded but bubbly and friendly without any hatred in her, “Ahha, a classic move, the blowjob ponytail.

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Those are the most perfect titties i ve ever seen