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#316967 - Marion, not one to give up, asked again, How old is he, Billie, he doesn't look like he's even sixteen yet!?! Billie looked at Bobby and asked him, How old are you Bobby? Again in a soft barely audible voice he replied, I'm eighteen, ma'am. Hooking his thumbs in his waist band, with one quick shove he pushed his pants and shorts to his ankles. Ladies, Billie asked, would you like to meet a young man with a very large penis who just loves to show it? Are you serious, asked and incredulous Marion? Absolutely, replied Billie, he's young and hung like a horse! And better yet, she continued, he'll just about do anything I ask him too! The three other ladies exchanged looks, and Barb was the one who spoke up and said, Sure, we'd like to see it, but is it safe, after all, you say he's young?!? Like I told you, he does what I say, and no more or no less, he's totally reliable, replied Billie! When can we see this superman

Read Bro QUEEN OF SPADES - 黑桃皇后 - Sailor moon Lesbos QUEEN OF SPADES - 黑桃皇后

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