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#6639 - my dick, until i cum or i want to do something else she then proceeds to pull down my shorts and takes my cock into her mouth. you start to show, you will not tell. any one else, Joy : i wont tell anyone that I am pregnant Me : as you are now pregnant, you must now permit other men cum in your pussy Joy : other men can cum in my pussy Me : while you are pregnant wont use your pussy plug Joy : while I am pregnant I wont use my pussy plug Me : Good, Beanbag Joy She goes back to deep sleep Its now about 12:30 I sneek into Jodie and George's room I first try george, I wisper : George are you awake george :no me: are you sleep george : yes Me : you will stay in this meditative suggestive state until i command otherwise George : Ok me : You will ignore me while i am engaged in any sexual acts with any female in this house.

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