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#157591 - As the elevator doors opened an older gentlemen pushed quickly passed us as we headed in, “some people are so rude” she said looking back at him as she boarded the elevator, “but your nice” she breathed as she pushed me against the back wall of the elevator, pressing her firm breasts against me, kissing me hard sucking my tongue and sliding her hands over my crotch, she tasted sweet, a mixture of chocolate and alcohol, she was intoxicating. Diane was spent, she lay on top of me for several minutes smiling dreamily, “I seems you can handle the ride” I said, she laughed and said “well it seems like you know what to do with a real woman” she sighed and as she got up and bent over to pull back up her shorts and thong I caught the most beautiful sight of her amazing pussy and tight asshole in the flickering light, “wait I what about me” I said stroking my aching cock anxiously. They say French Women don’t get fat and I was starting to believe it, everywhere I turned these women, regard

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Wow her tits have left me stuck to the screen yeah