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#338008 - As I stated before a child born by two Goa'uld or a Gou'uld and a Human is called a Harcesis, the child won't have the increased strength, perfect health and longevity of a Goa'uld but he/ she will have all the knowlege of the Goa'uld and when he/she is old enough he/ she can tell my Nerothians that I'm not a god but a serpent who takes Humans as hosts and uses technology to pose as a god and this I cannot allow. The shield in the secret room in my temple can stop anything regardless of speed, the Woman or three Unas in the secret room will never be able to get to me as long as my shield is active, these are the shields Goa'uld mother ships use. I watch as the other two Unas spit roast the Woman, her arms and legs dangling off the ground, except for moans of pain and anguish she's meantally and emotionally broken, I say You don't have my permission to die and as I told you before after 1000 years I'll allow you to die one last time .

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Hot couple
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I will be your slave please
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