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#267865 - Numerous hands immediately grabbed hold and carefully lifted her, her peek a boo bra and crotchless panties were removed and she was placed onto a sort of roll around gurney, and was wheeled into this new and uncertain place! She could hear talking and music, it was a place where men and women seemed to be? The gurney came to a stop and she felt warm bright lights focused on her followed by her arms and legs being spread. You have just experienced a group of men who's only interest is to orally pleasing women and you can return here anytime you wish and they will be only happy to pleasure only you! Ann was absolutely flabbergasted!, and did not know what to say, as two very large black men walked by both had masks over their eyes, and had the biggest and most erect cocks she had ever seen, for a moment she just stared at them and could not take her eyes off of these gigantic male organs!, She could see what she thought were smiles under their masks as they passed. as his s

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