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#37472 - Jason the eldest was the only 1 i hadnt had any contact with, he was strange compared to his brothers, he was built about the same as Simon and Peter, but very particular about his looks, every hair had to be in place, and his clothes had to be spotless, he was handsome but rugged looking. I sat on the loo keeping my arm across my tits, and started to wee, he just stood at the door watching me, see anything you like J? i asked, I'll let you know when you reach for the tissue and your tits are on show he laughed. She walked over to the bed and asked if i was ok, as she heard me moan, i said i had a bad dream, and it woke me up, i had a look at her body in the glow of the light and could see that she never had any pubic hair, she had big tits that sagged a bit, i asked for a cuddle, and she leant forward to cuddle me, i brushed my hand against her tit and wiped the spunk off onto the back of my hand, i saw Ken walk toward the bathroom, totaly naked and got a quick glimpse o

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