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#237794 - Alex walked through the heavy wooden door Shannon disappeared behind and stopped cold, she was laying on the bed asleep, her clothing neatly folded on a nearby chair, “Um…” The tall blonde stirred, then smiled slightly, never opening her eyes, as she spoke softly, “Mmmm, so Mike is gone I take it…good, high time we were better acquainted. Oh, I’m Michael Harrison by the way, your handler; I’ll over see your training here and will forward your assignments to you after you leave. ” “Look, I don’t need a hooker!” Alex replied with a snort of disgust, “I’m a Marine and I do have some self-discipline!” Michaels sighed, unsure of how to continue; after a moment he shrugged his shoulders and decided the truth was the best recourse; it wasn’t something he was used to since the truth was not something his kind dealt with often.

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