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#75754 - Jaye knew full well what that was and even more unbelievable she had been cool with it. This made me think even but didn’t want to dive any deeper “nope I am just fine you needn’t worry about me jaye honest, I’m good” She gave me a hug and said “I love you so much and don’t want to see you hurting” “Well I appreciate it but think I need some sleep I love you too goodnight” and I did appreciate her she was so caring to worry about her kid cousin. ” “we-,” before I could even get a more in edgewise she moved from beside me to my lap.


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Ayaka yukihiro
Once again amazing you have the best throat ive seen in a whike keep up the good work
Kaori nishino
Is yall married
Kagerou imaizumi
What is the name of the woman who wears glasses