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#328166 - Tushar with his heads down accepted what I just threw at him. Chapter 4 I was up early in the morning to have my daily fitness session whilst Tushar was laying on the couch with his eyes open, as I was about to walk post the couch he asked Jigisha? Are we starting now or after you get your workout done? I was in disbelief with what I just heard I walked towards him giving a hard slap on his face You are not allowed to call my name,call me Mistress Jigisha, his cheeks went red with embarrassment and apologized to me. He got tingled and asked What do you mean? I said with an stern tone You need to quit your job! Tushar was in a shock But why? I came heavily again Cos you don't enjoy it and I'm doing enough for this family to prevail, don't I? Tushar didn't refused that but asked Then, what would I do? I had everything in place and she said in enthusiasm You will serve me Tushar had a convincing expression on his face and asked her Ho

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