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#228038 - I remember thinking after worth how close our friendship came very to the end. kill time I guess !, As I walked back to my place I notice a dim light coming out of her bedroom, the curtains were open witch it was surprising since she was a very private person, could not help my self but walk up to window and see what was going on this late, talk about surprise when I saw her completely in the nude, it was beyond believe, my very own private live show, did not care for any thing else at the time but just to stay there and enjoy, didn't even care if I would get busted, in front of me a nice pair of firm C cup's bouncing up and down, at times caressing them with her own hands pressing them, she was riding her husband, he lay there in bed while she was enjoying her self plenty so it seem! there was no way I was going anywhere, his hands caressing her up and down her body touching her nipples from time to time, did not hear any sounds coming out the room, by them my dick was out

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