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#249374 - wet I had to stop myself from touching my own throbbing pussy This is insane, this is sick What the hell is he doing? Angie grabbed Zac's hair and pulled him away Stand up next to Amanda she said looking in his eyes He got up and waited next to women Her green eyes moving to see all of his body I could see her nipples through her shirt Her breasts were not small, but not as big as mine. I moaned softly, it felt good But soon i felt the same frustrating i did every time lately I just could not come. After 10 minutes of me throwing thing around i heard foot steps coming in, i panicked and jumped in the closet and closed it I peeked through the cracks and saw something weird, It was a woman I didn't recognized, she came in the room and sat on the bed, she looked about 40 or 45.

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