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#3773 - Wallace replied gently, to try and find out exactly what's bothering you, so let's get started!!! So how long has it been since little Jessica was born, the doctor asked!?! Almost four months, in fact it will be four months tomorrow!!! Before you became pregnant, did you and Jim have a fulfilling love life together, he questioned?!? Mmmmmm, yes, she said with a sigh, it was wonderful, Jim was very attentive to my needs, and I believe I was to his!!! And this included all the normal sexual activity, the doctor asked, such intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation?!? Dana face flashed with red, embarrassed at such an intimate question, but she gamely replied, Uh, yes, all three!!! So tell me in your own words what is bothering you, Dana, he asked gently?!? He just doesn't want me anymore, and I really can't blame him, I look like such a cow, she said sadly, my breasts are the size of beach balls, my belly isn't flat anymore, and my ass, it�

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