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#191270 - The nipple's reaction was not lost on either woman, and Vicki commented, Nothing's changed in all these years has it, you still can't help yourself when you're around me can you,n while Teri whimpered softly, her vagina now a literal sieve of cunt juice. Teri immediately tried to cover herself, but Minh Su hardly even raised an eye brow at the two naked middle aged women, and much to Vicki's amusement, it was quite obvious that Teri was quite embarrassed by her predicament, and that it was time to have a more little fun with her. Do you want me to stop her, asked Vicki innocently? No, please don't stop her, gasped Teri, she's unbelievable!!! After several minutes of watching her young companion sucking Teri's big chest, Vicki then ordered, Okay, Minh Su, stand up and take off your clothes! Teri watched in rapt fascination as the young beauty stripped herself naked, exposing what had to be the most incredible body she had ever seen!!!

Read Doll Ashi de Onegai Hashihime-sama - Touhou project Rough Sex Ashi de Onegai Hashihime-sama

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