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#298476 - Get that pile of scrap metal off of my driveway this instant! the miserable old jock said as he stood up and you could see he wore a bloody skirt and had knobbly knees. Nice cell back at the station, he observed, Selling booze under age, and the rest. I was so fucking into Martha I never realised we stopped, christ did we get some funny looks when we climbed out but who gives a fuck? Anyway when Al comes back at least he had the decency to bring some Muck Nuggets as we called them and those poxy little overcooked chips they calls fries and then the cunt says it's his fucking turn for shagging and I had to drive, cunt.

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Emily stewart
Thumbs down no face
Talia gladys
Mmm my kinda girl
Keiko ayano | silica
She should have insisted that he nut inside her