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#273803 - when me and harvey got back from are honeymoon we was so inlove when we got back to la harvey come straight to my house and everyone was there to see us it was so heart warming to see everyone wishing us all the best for the future after the party me and harvey went to bed as we was getting into bed i notice harveys wedding band and startd smiling harvey said to me what are you smiling at babe? i said im smiling because i know your my hustband harvey smiled back and me and we went to sleep this time i was holding harvey when got up the next morning me and harvey went to the bathroom to got get ready for graduation when we came down stairs are parent was smiling at us and my mom asked if we would have a picture taken i looked at harvey and said harvey i look a mess harvey kissed me on my forehead and said no you dont babe you look like you was carved from angels i looked lovingly into harvey eyes and smiled harvey smiled to and my mom took the chance to stap a picture i took

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